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To the Patmos authorities,

We are friends and lovers of Patmos. Some of us are from the Island, some from other parts of Greece and some of us are foreigners. A certain number of us live in Patmos year round while others of us have houses in Patmos and visit the island as often as possible. Some of us have only visited the Island a few times but dream of returning.
All of us understand and support the idea that the Island should continue to develop.

We believe, however, that certain kinds of development compromise the Island’s unique touristic character and jeopardize sustainability of the revenues which such tourism brings. In this context we refer to current developments which are irrevocably changing the character of the north part of the Island between Vaghia and Panaghia Geranou with its authentic mix of natural landscapes and traditional agriculture.

The twin beaches at Liganou have already lost their charm with the construction of several houses which have changed the natural state of that part of the coast. The road to the northern point of the Island already exists, but it would be truly sad if its presence brings with it a transformation of Patmos similar to that which has occurred along the Spanish coast, now ruined by hotel complexes and unchecked building.

Patmos’s beauty, its unique dimensions, its historic and religious traditions and the Island’s limited accessibility combine to attract tourism of the highest quality.
It is in the interest of the Island and its inhabitants and all of us who love this place to ensure that this fragile combination of factors is preserved in order that the spiritual, cultural and material richness which is accompanied by this type of tourism continues to flourish.


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